What is 🌍 Earth Emoji?

Emoji 🌍🌏🌎
Name Earth
Unicode 🌎 : U+1F30D
🌍 : U+1F30E
🌏 : U+1F30F
  • Represents the planet Earth, the third planet from the Sun and the only known planet with life.
  • Symbolizes the environment, ecology, and sustainability.
  • May also represent global or international issues, such as climate change or world peace.
  • Depicts a globe with continents and oceans, resembling the planet Earth.
  • May vary in appearance across different platforms, with variations in color, texture, and level of detail
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PNG Image
unicode u+1f30d, 🌍 Earth Emoji png unicode u+1f30e, 🌍 Earth Emoji png unicode u+1f30f, 🌏 Earth Emoji png
Earth Emoji PNG
What situaitions use it?
  • To represent the planet Earth, its beauty, and its fragility
  • To symbolize environmental or ecological concerns, such as climate change, pollution, or deforestation
  • In conversations about global or international issues, such as politics, diplomacy, or human rights
  • To represent travel, exploration, or cultural exchange
  • In educational or scientific contexts to discuss geography, geology, or planetary science
  • It's important to be aware of the impact of human activities on the environment and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint, such as using renewable energy sources, conserving water, and reducing waste.
  • When traveling to natural or wilderness areas, it's important to follow local regulations and guidelines to minimize the impact on the environment and preserve natural habitats.
  • The shape of the emoji may look different depending on the platform or device.
History The 🌍 Earth Emoji was added as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010.
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