What is Computer Emoji?

Emoji 🖥️
Name Computer
Unicode U+1F5A5
Meaning Refers to a desktop computer and is often used to represent technology, work, or productivity.
Features Depicts a traditional desktop computer with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Different platforms may have variations in the design and color of the computer.
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PNG Image
unicode u+1f5a5, Computer Emoji png
Computer Emoji PNG

What situaitions use it?
  • When referring to a desktop computer or technology in general.
  • When talking about working on a computer or doing work on a desktop computer.
  • When referring to office work or productivity.
  • When discussing the use of software or hardware related to desktop computers.
  • When talking about gaming on a desktop computer.
  • As with any electronic device, it's important to take breaks and avoid eye strain when using a desktop computer for extended periods of time.
  • It's also important to protect personal and sensitive information when using a desktop computer, such as by using secure passwords and anti-virus software.
  • The shape of the Emoji may look different depending on the platform or device.
History The Computer Emoji was added as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010.
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