What is sun emoji?

Emoji ☀️
Name Sun
Unicode U+2600
Meaning The sun emoji is used to represent the sun, daylight, warmth, and happiness. It can also be used to express a sunny or warm weather, or to symbolize energy, positivity, and growth.
Features The sun emoji depicts a yellow or golden circle with rays extending outwards, representing the sun in the sky. The design and appearance of the sun emoji may vary depending on the platform or device being used.
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PNG Image
unicode u+2600, Sun emoji png
Sun Emoji PNG

What situaitions use it?
  • To indicate sunny or warm weather
  • To express positivity and happiness
  • To represent energy, vitality, and growth
  • When discussing or sharing information about weather
  • To wish someone a sunny and warm day
  • The sun emoji should not be used in a way that may be misinterpreted as insensitive or offensive, especially in regions affected by natural disasters such as droughts or heatwaves.
  • The sun emoji may not be recognizable in regions where the sun is rare or unfamiliar, or where different cultural interpretations of the sun exist.
  • The shape of the emoji may look different depending on the platform or device.
History The ☀️ Sun Emoji was added as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993.
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